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It is a good rule in life
never to apologize. The
right sort of people do
not want apologies, and
the wrong sort take a
mean advantage of them.
– P. G. Wodehouse
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new Building articles

Eco-Friendly Benefits of Using Recycled Materials When Redesigning Your Home

by Joey Ong with Michael Potts                         1000513 504

We are all well aware of the benefits of utilising recycled goods. From glass bottles to shredded tyres, there are countless examples of how these options will help the environment as well as save our society a great deal of money. However, one of the newest and most interesting trends is to employ these very same materials into the construction and design of our homes. As there are many gardening guides that now feature this method, it is a good idea if we take a look at some examples of the most common materials used and the portions of your home that can be addressed.

Good Greed

by Ray C Anderson                         1000511 337

(This article appeared originally in Green Money Journal, and is used by permission. This was not noted in the original print publication and we regret the error. For more information on Green Money Journal, visit greenmoneyjournal.com.)

Since you’re reading the Green Money Journal it’s likely that you’ve already made the mental shift to sustainability, and if that’s the case, welcome! I believe that shift happens one mind at a time, one company, one technology, one university curriculum, one industry, one community at a time. Furthermore, I have never met a “former environmentalist.” It’s true! Once you understand the truth and complexity of our environmental challenges, you are forever changed. My story demonstrates that. And fortunately for us and for our planet, that collective mental shift seems to be happening quickly, particularly in the important field of green building.

Interior Home Adaptation for Aging-In-Place

by Valerie Garrett                         1000505 434

Aging-In-Place (A-I-P) means remaining in your home and community as you age while remaining as independent as possible. When seniors are surveyed, they list remaining in their homes as their top priority. A-I-P and sustainable home design share much in common. Low-impact homes conserve water, energy and materials, have healthy air quality, lower carbon emissions, minimize waste, allow for household flexibility and frequently have space-efficient floor plans.

The United States Administration on Aging projects by 2030 the number of seniors 65 and older in the will be almost double what it was in 2000. The fastest growing segment of the population is those 85 and older. Whether building new or adapting an existing dwelling here are some interior upgrades to consider for your own home.

Ecological "Roofing"

by Sarah Holland                         1000476 1335


Metal Roofing--Love It or Leave It—Nobody’s Indifferent

by Laurie Mercer                         1000414 3799

How one island-based camp-to-cottage transformation in Stoddard, NH, embraced green living and got topped with a cool metal roof.

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more Building articles

Bottom-Up, Bottom-Line Approach to Top of House

by Marshall Glickman                         1008 6870

Roof is grabbing your attention? Got a leak?That's when you realize no building component is more important...

Choosing Safe Lumber

by Lynn Keiley                         1031 3912

Wood is the perfect building material. It's renewable, reusable, even compostable. Some of the chemicals used to process wood, however, create health hazards that can be avoided.

Virtual Green Building Tour

by Sam Rubinoff                         1000358 2941

Building Green? Questions Beget More Questions

by Stephen Morris                         1065 2629

Suddenly every community has a controversy about windmills on ridge lines or local hydro projects that might alter the fish habitat.

Green Kitchens: How to Do It; Why It Matters

by Marshall Glickman                         1011 2567

If your kitchen is the heart of your home, it should reflect your best self. It should be a place you enjoy and feel good about,

A Building System Comes of Age

by Lisa Ford and Gary Dennis                         1000379 2292

Structural insulated panels – SIPs, as they’re known to builders – are coming into their own and causing some who knew nothing more than conventional stick-framing to give the alternative building met

The WHY of Modern Timber Framing

by Stephen Morris                         1030 2183

Here's a short primer on why timber framing can be such a good green building option.

How to Build a Stone Wall That Will Stand the Test of Time

by Charles McRaven                         1000099 2042

It's a matter of making gravity and friction work for you

Insulating Concrete Forms: Beyond Concrete

by Josh Hogue                         1000198 1923

Yet another option for a durable and energy efficient green-built home is to use insulated concrete forms

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What Is a SIP?

by Brandon Helms                         1000272 1907

The Green Designation for Realtors

by Stephen Morris                         1000413 1882

The World of Bamboo

by Gib Cooper                         1000192 1833

Strawbale Questions & Answers

by Stephen Morris                         9123 1832

Solar Hot-Water Heaters: Green and Hot H2O

by Marshall                         1000003 1815

How to Build an Eco-Friendly Little Guesthouse

by Rob Roy                         1000024 1812

Short Takes Summer 09

by Stephen Morris                         1000326 1486

Moving Barns

by Ken Epworth                         9138 1243

Short Takes Spring 2010

by Stephen Morris                         1000398 1116

Making Houses Out of Trash

by Carole Douglas                         1000078 1050

Technology's Effect On Future Of Barter Industry

by Thomas Greco                         1022 881

Your Green Home

by Alex Wilson                         9117 815

Barn Bibliography

by Stephen Morris                         9137 788

Green Dream Near Phoenix

by Cindy Korfhage                         9144 762

Green Shows & Green Drinks

by Linda Pinkham                         1000200 718

The World of Bamboo

by Gib Cooper                         1000130 691

Steeling the Show

by Don McCoy                         1000193 673

Lose Your Lawn

by Stephen Morris                         1000319 630

Good Resource For Alternative Building

by Marshall Glickman                         1009 611

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