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Education : International : Wednesday, 1 April 2015 12:31 EST : a service of The Public Press
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People are, if anything,
more touchy about being
thought silly than they
are about being thought
– EB White
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Johnson State College
  337 College Hill
  Johnson, Johnson  05656
Degrees include Biology (pre-med available), Field Naturalist, Health/ Environmental Sciences, Natural Resources, Wellness & Alternative Medicine.
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Energy Co-op of Vermont
  P.O. Box 111
  Colchester, Colchester  05446
We offer attractive prices for heating oil, kerosene and wood pellets delivered primarily to our 2,100 members in northern Vermont. We also service and install pellet stoves, oil-fired furnaces and boilers.
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new Education articles

An Ecology-Based Education

by David Orr                         1000499 511

Interview with David W. Orr

What is the purpose of education? What exactly are we trying to achieve by sending kids to school for twelve years? Many people talk about reform, but Dr. David Orr, Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies at Oberlin College, says we need to rethink our school systems altogether. Further, he sees a direct connection between how we teach children and the disastrous impacts of our dependence on fossil fuels. A pioneer in the ecological literacy movement, he believes that all education should be ecologically based, from the design of the campus to the curriculum itself.

This article is reprinted with permission from the periodical SuperConsciousness

"All education is environmental education," says Orr. "Students either learn that they are a part of or apart from the natural world." He points out that some of the worst atrocities in modern memory, including those perpetuated in Nazi Germany, were carried out by highly educated people. "Much of what has gone wrong with the world is the result of education that alienates us from life in the name of human domination . . . and unleashes on the world minds ignorant of their own ignorance," he says. One result is the abuse of the environment, leading to an accelerated rate of climate change.

There's a whole lot of stuff I think we don't need to know. The things that we do need to know are going to pertain to basics like growing food, building shelter, creating local economies that work, capturing energy.

The remedy Orr proposes would teach interrelatedness through schools that are fundamentally rooted in a sense of place. As the driving force behind the erection of Oberlin's Lewis Center, a building described by the New York Times as "the most remarkable" of a new generation of college buildings, Orr put his ideas into action. The building is a model of sustainable design and students and faculty were included in the planning process. He spoke with SC Magazine about an education that empowers students to be creative and make decisions that enable a renewable future.

Farm to School: the ABCs of Fresh Food

by Katie Cordrey                         1000492 434

An innovative effort to bring locally-grown foods to Oregon's school children and to help them understand where their food comes from received a big thumbs-up when the Oregon State Legislature unanimously passed House Bill 2800 in July.

Sustainable Schools - Sustainable Solutions

by Katie Cordrey                         1000491 494

The Zero Waste Alliance's Sustainable Oregon Schools Initiative, SOSI (pronounced "so see") has taken a systemic approach to fostering healthy school environments by engaging, educating and inspiring individual schools, districts, and the organizations that support them.

review: Bill Bryson: At Home

by Tony Miksak                         1000488 1234

Letters and Short Takes

by Stephen Morris                         1000483 1030

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more Education articles

Solar Energy International's PV / Solar Home Design

by Linda Pinkham                         9155 1978

If you want to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle quickly, and understand more about renewable energy, SEI's online courses are a good place to start.

A Bevy of Books

by Stephen Morris                         1000409 1776

Books for children, green devotionals, and the New Solar Home

The Two Decade Perspective

by Stephen Morris                         1000410 1666

a survey of environmental leaders (and friends of Green Living)

Greenwashing WalMart plus REAL Green Jobs

by Stephen Morris                         1039 1644

Wal-Mart, environmental good guy? We will believe it when we see it.

Educators' Thoughts on Distance Education

by various educators                         1000445 1405

...a wide range of online tools, students could have the potential to shape their engagement of physical learning environments by scaffolding their experience with online collaborative environments...

Stories and Tunes

by Stephen Morris                         1000347 1264

From Around the Green World

by Stephen Morris                         1000381 1077

Short takes on greening companies worldwide -- Winter 2009-2010

Raw Milk Revolution

by Sarah Morrison                         1000031 1070

On Monday mornings one can find an array of abandoned glass jars full of money in the UPS mail room.

Gift Alternatives for the Holidays

by The Editors of Green Living Journal                         1000468 1032

We turned to our Green Living community both for more alternative gift ideas, but also to get a sense of the tenor of the times...

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review: New Village Green

by Linda Pinkham                         9150 966

Ingredients for Reinventing Community

by Michael Potts                         1019 965

Letter to the Editor and Short Takes

by Stephen Morris                         1000466 866

Not too old to throw popcorn at bad film

by Stephen Morris                         9127 840

What Is Green?

by Linda Pinkham                         9134 830

The Birth of Locavore

by Jessica Prentice                         1000168 752

Pause for Poetry: Photo Shoot

by Sharon Ann Harmon                         1000440 739

Random, Incessant Barking

by Stephen Morris                         1000411 738

Rekindling a Love of Books

by Stephen Morris                         1000457 659

Letters to the Editor, Spring 2010

by Stephen Morris                         1000408 614

Insight Into Our Destiny

by Marshall Glickman                         1007 597

Good reads on Green Living

by Stephen Morris                         1000251 593

A New Culture Needs a New Education

by Ron Miller                         1000207 591

A Newspaper That Makes Me Smile

by John Hamilton                         1000151 574

The Writer's Round-up

by Stephen Morris                         1042 562

A brief comparison of Vermont and Sicily

by Stephen (Stepano) Morris                         1000034 524

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Katywil Ecovillage
  43 Stetson Bros Rd
  Colrain, Colrain  01340
Under construction: Ecovillage: Colrain, MA: Sustainability, near self-sufficiency, mountain views. 17 active-and passive-solar, superinsulated, ADA-designed-for-aging-in-place,clustered single-family houses on 112 acres of gardens, meadows, orchards, forest. Currently 2 built and 4 under deposit. 3.5 hours from Manhattan and 2 hours from Boston; 45 minutes to Amherst, Williamstown, Northampton. ~$300K-$400K
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