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A quotation, like a pun,
should come unsought, and
then be welcomed only for
some propriety of
felicity justifying the
– Robert Chapman
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new Health articles

The Snowpants Rule

by Stephen Morris                         1000509 240

Recently, my oldest son, now a thirty-something living in New York City, referenced “The Snowpants Rule.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“What’s that?” he looked at me incredulously, “You made it up!”

“Remind me then.”

“When we were little kids and we’d want to go out and play in the snow, you’d tell us we couldn't go out unless we promised to stay out for at least as long as it took us to put on our snowpants in the first place. The Snowpants Rule.”

By the Numbers:20 Practical Uses For Coke

by Stephen Morris                         1000503 163

Here are 20 practical uses of Coke as a domestic cleaner:

The Electric Option

by Stephen Morris                         1000498 485

At SolarFest, the summer music and energy extravaganza held in Middletown Springs each July, the Green Living Journal was right next to the booth for Freedom 4 Bikes of Bellows Falls, Vermont. The bikes were quite a show-stopper, as the shop proprietors would end their sales pitch by hopping on a bike and silently gliding into the distance, whetting the appetite for a test ride.

Flea Time

by Chip Samons                         1000496 263

Here's our choice: utilize preventative measures for controlling fleas now, or, wait until those pesky, pointed headed little bloodsuckers drive us to the brink of frustration by setting off some kind of poisonous flea bomb in our homes.

Hoop Houses: Eat from Your Garden Earlier and Longer

by                          1000494 750

Hoop houses are a great do-it-yourself project that can make it possible for you to garden all year long. They can also be used for storage, as a temporary garage, or even as a workshop. They are inexpensive, easy to construct and when completed they also:

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more Health articles

The Rise and Fall of Raw Milk

by Ron Schmid, ND                         1025 2410

Raw milk has been victimized by the same forces that gave us Wonder Bread, processed Amercian cheese, and pasteurized beer

Toxic Pet Toys? Earth-Friendly Alternatives

by Jill Breitner                         9152 1593

Choosing toys for our pets seems like a no-brainer, yet dogs in particular are susceptible to the dangers of toxic toys

53 Senses

by Marlow Shami                         1026 1472

We have fifty three senses? But I can barely handle five!

Wake Up Skin and Hair with Refreshing Tea

by Janice Cox                         1000307 1302

Japanese research has shown tea to be effective against free radicals, which cause our bodies to age...

Getting Over the Wall : Assigned homework for the Spring edition

by Michael Potts                         1000382 1243

the most important non-fiction book since Beyond the Limits in 1992

How do you Eat, Drink, and Be Merry?

by various Green Living folks                         1000380 1179

We asked people from the world of Green Living what is their favorite way to eat, drink, and be merry during the holiday season. Here are their responses:

Why Dry? This Summer Try Solar Drying

by Eben Fodor                         1054 834

There is plenty of extra sunshine available to dry your food. On a clear day, up to 1,000 Watts of solar energy are available for our use...

Pet Booster Vaccinations

by Jill Breitner                         1000196 816

Jill poses the question: 'Are they more harmful than good?'

Naturally Clean: A Book for the Generations

by Stephen Morris                         1062 807

We apply the Precautionary Principle every time we buckle a seatbelt. Why doesn't it make sense to do the same with the chemical

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Little Buggers! As the Cluster Flies

by Stephen Morris                         1000458 686

The Dream of Natural Childbirth

by Craig Idlebrook                         9105 655

Alternatives to Toxic Flea & Tick Products

by Jill Breitner                         1000266 640

Raw Milk Revolution

by Sarah Morrison                         1000031 596

Good Life

by Stephen Morris                         1057 538

What is Radon?

by Marshall Glickman                         9166 514

Waterproofing Ocean: the consequence of keeping dry

by Emily Monosson                         9121 487

Special Letter to the Editor

by Amelia Shea                         1000405 449

Is Your Lawn Toxic?

by Vanessa Behrens                         9143 445

Going Wireless?

by Jules Harrell                         1000148 442

Organic Produce at Bargain Prices

by Dan Chiras                         1029 438

The Simple Life

by Stephen Morris                         9099 435

Household Cleaners... know the risks & make better choices

by David Hughes                         1000386 419

home & heart: You Can Get Here from There

by Kathleen Jarschke-Schultze                         9125 398

Farm to School: the ABCs of Fresh Food

by Katie Cordrey                         1000492 396

A Monthly Guide to Finding Locally Grown Foods

by Stephen Morris                         1027 363

The Neighborhood Toxicologist

by Emily Monosson                         1000022 351

Life by the Rail Trail

by Craig Della Penna                         1000029 322

Clean the Air in Your Home with House Plants

by B.C. “Bill” Wolverton                         1000021 299

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Energy Co-op of Vermont
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  Colchester, Colchester  05446
We offer attractive prices for heating oil, kerosene and wood pellets delivered primarily to our 2,100 members in northern Vermont. We also service and install pellet stoves, oil-fired furnaces and boilers.
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