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Humanity is acquiring all
the right technology for
all the wrong reasons.
– R. Buckminster Fuller
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The Public Press is an experimental publisher of books too specialized or controversial for conventional publishing.
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new Money articles

Co-ops Build a Better World

by Erbin Crowell                         1000500 605

In the wake of a global recession that continues to devastate communities and livelihoods, people are hungry for alternatives to corporate greed and stock market speculation. As we look at challenges such as climate change, unemployment and growing disparities of wealth and ownership, many of us feel discouraged and unsure of how we can make business more accountable to our communities and our visions for more just, sustainable, and resilient economies.

Urban Salvage and High Tech Trash

by Katie Cordrey                         1000490 475

IMS Electronics Recycling has been housed in a Port of Vancouver-owned building since 2007 and is home to an impressive operation that keeps countless tons of toxic and noxious materials from landfills and out of the hands of less conscientious recyclers.

Debunking the myth of lower SRI performance

by Todd Walker                         1000487 1002

In my role as a financial advisor specializing in socially responsible investing (SRI) I am often asked whether social investments – those screened for such activities as gambling, alcohol, nuclear power, pollution and poor employee conditions – perform as well as conventional ones. In fact, what surprises me is how pervasive the opinion is that SRI investments may be good for society, but not for your wealth.

Todd Walker

Battered by Your Bank?

by Stephen Morris                         1000473 485

The Cooperative Fund of New England

by Erbin Crowell                         1000447 1303

The recent crisis in the global financial system has contributed to a renewed search for economic alternatives that can better meet people's needs, build wealth and create a more sustainable, resilient communities. Severe unemployment, shuttered businesses, and millions in wealth lost on the stock market have caused quite a bit of soul-searching, especially among socially responsible investors. A host of new buzzwords have emerged in recent years, including green jobs, slow money, local investing, and social entrepreneurship.

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more Money articles

Green MBA? No Longer a Contradiction

by Patrick Morris                         9124 2708

Green business isn't just the local farmers' market anymore.

Socially Responsible Vermont: Beyond the bottom line

by Stephen Morris                         1043 1885

VBSR wins allegiance with a message that business has a social responsibility

Vacation Locally

by Linda Pinkham                         1000270 1749

Fuel prices have changed everything this summer, not the least of which might be our vacation plans.

Green Activists Sought

by Stephen Morris                         1063 1582

I first heard about the Green Corps from a friend whose daughter was accepted into the program. An organization that will pay you to become an environmental activist?

The Green Designation for Realtors

by Stephen Morris                         1000413 1570

Is the Green Designation for Realtors Hip or Hype?

Slow Money to Fund Healthy Food System

by Tom Stearns                         1000322 1532

Whatever we invest our money in inevitably shapes the world in which we live. Until recently, those choices have led to a broken world food system where most people do not know where food comes from

A Better Safe Place: Green CDs

by Stephen Morris                         9101 1068

Purchasers of the Equal Exchange Certificate of Deposit will know that their investment will create a line of credit dedicated to Equal Exchange's use.

The Economics of Garlic

by Stephen Morris                         1000369 1063

There are lots of reasons to grow and eat garlic. But now we’ve found a new one ... money!

The High Price of Materialism

by Marshall Glickman                         1012 1044

Even "the haves" suffer from materialism's excesses: from anxiety, tension, low self-esteem, and from being busy, busy

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Social(k) - A New Option for Retirement Planning

by Rob Thomas                         9120 983

Snowsville, Not Yer Average General Store

by Stephen Morris                         1000213 972

In This State: Puerto Vermonta

by Stephen Morris                         9135 920

Interview: George Siemon, CEO of Organic Valley

by Green Money Journal                         1000247 919

My Saudi Arabian Breakfast

by Chad Heeter                         1059 890

Deep Thoughts on Greenwashing

by Stephen Morris                         1000290 772

The Heron Dancers

by Stephen Morris                         1000253 642

Save Money and Energy with New Tax Credits

by Megan Phelps                         1000321 624

New Society Publishers' Chris and Judith Plant

by John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist                         1000218 618

Is Your Property Fire Safe?

by Marla Benoist                         1000202 609

Guns and Politics

by Stephen Morris                         1000033 582

Fun in the Slow Lane: Carless in Rural Maine

by Stephen Morris                         1024 563

Is That You, Elvis?

by Stephen Morris                         9147 558

Land of the Free?

by Stephen Morris                         1000255 553

Socially Responsible Vermont:

by Stephen Morris                         1044 541

Working the Salt Mines at Inn Serendipity

by John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist                         1000217 529

The State of Co-ops

by Stephen Morris                         1000037 524

Carbon Copies: Are All Offset Programs Created Equal?

by Non-Toxic News                         1000019 523

The State of Co-ops

by Stephen Morris                         9184 521

Around the Green World

by Stephen Morris                         9098 504

The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life

by Marshall Glickman                         1014 487

Competing Currencies

by Congressman Ron Paul                         1000208 485

Resurrection on the 43rd Floor

by Patrick Morris                         9104 443

Funny Business -- This Green Biz

by Linda Pinkham                         1000201 435

Going by the Book

by Chris Morrow                         1000027 393

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A full service grocery store with over 1000 Vermont products. Meat and seafood, wine and beer, deli, grab and go, health and beauty department. Catering and delivery. 60 cents of every dollar spent here stays in Vermont! Open 7 days a week 7AM to 11PM
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