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Welcome to Green Living

A Practical Journal for Friends of the Environment

Green Living has been publishing news you can use, mostly related to environmental issues, since 1990. Our regular topics include organic gardening, green building, health, ecocareers and right livelihood, outdoors/sports, socially responsible investing, econotes, questions and answers, book reviews, and features on topical environmental issues.

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We have so much time and
so little to do. Strike
that, reverse it.
– Roald Dahl
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October is Co-op Month!

by Erbin Crowell                         1000515 89

Co-op Month offers an opportunity to learn more about the many co-operatives and credit unions that are part of the fabric of our communities.

Co-ops Commit to Sustainability & Inclusion

by Erbin Crowell                         1000514 92

Challenging times also produce inspiring responses, and in this new year people around the world are coming together to build more inclusive, sustainable and participatory communities.

Eco-Friendly Benefits of Using Recycled Materials When Redesigning Your Home

by Joey Ong with Michael Potts                         1000513 784

Many homeowners will choose to use recycled materials when redesigning their garden....

recent reviews

review: Bill Bryson: At Home

by Tony Miksak                         1000488 1886

The greatest possible irony would be if in our endless quest to fill our lives with comfort and happiness we created a world that had neither...

On the Nightstand

by Stephen Morris                         1000455 2243

What's new in books: Shelburne Farms, Son of a Farmer, Stories & Tunes

A Bevy of Books

by Stephen Morris                         1000409 2345

Books for children, green devotionals, and the New Solar Home

Getting Over the Wall : Assigned homework for the Spring edition

by Michael Potts                         1000382 2383

the most important non-fiction book since Beyond the Limits in 1992

Humans Caught in Crossfire in the The War on Bugs

by A.C. Hutchinson                         1000205 2243

The War on Bugs documents the consistent and systematic poisoning of humans that has taken place over more than the past century, usually under the guise of progress...

most popular articles

building:Bottom-Up, Bottom-Line Approach to Top of House

by Marshall Glickman                         1008 7385

Roof is grabbing your attention? Got a leak?That's when you realize no building component is more important...

garden:10 Tips for buying an Outdoor Fireplace

by Stephen Morris                         1056 12184

Before purchasing a chiminea, outdoor fireplace, or open firepit, there are many factors to consider.

health:Why Dry? This Summer Try Solar Drying

by Eben Fodor                         1054 4488

There is plenty of extra sunshine available to dry your food. On a clear day, up to 1,000 Watts of solar energy are available for our use...

energy:Horse Power for Organic Farms

by Ken Laing                         9108 4926

If we are dependent on non renewable energy for the production and distribution of our great organic food, stop the tractor...

money:Green MBA? No Longer a Contradiction

by Patrick Morris                         9124 3684

Green business isn't just the local farmers' market anymore.

food:The Les & Nova Show

by Stephen Morris                         9145 3137

The dashboard of their car is a still life of organized disorganization. Dried seed pods share the space with a plump, toy canary that chirps when you squeeze it...

nature:What Does Zero Waste Really Mean?

by Paul Palmer                         9103 4447

Too many people have convinced themselves that the creation of garbage is an innate activity, even a social right!

education:Solar Energy International's PV / Solar Home Design

by Linda Pinkham                         9155 2545

If you want to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle quickly, and understand more about renewable energy, SEI's online courses are a good place to start.

travel:Vacation Locally

by Linda Pinkham                         1000270 2455

Fuel prices have changed everything this summer, not the least of which might be our vacation plans.

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Upper Connecticut River Valley
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